Alumni Association

Hello Alumni,

Check out your benefits, our latest news and events, and please stop by when you are on campus! 

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can always count on your SFAI community as a strong base. Check out our Alumni Regional Chapters to connect with alumni close to you.

Keep in touch, we will too!


  • Insider access to jobs, grants, residencies, scholarships, exhibitions, and professional assistance via our Career Resources Center
  • Invitations to SFAI lectures, workshops, panels, and special alumni events across the country
  • Access to alumni conversations on Facebook and Instagram
  • Promotion of crowd-funding projects on Hatchfund and Kickstarter
  • Opportunities to share your alumni stories, websites, and professional accomplishments
  • Update your contact information to receive invites to alumni events and learn about opportunities
  • To obtain an official transcript, head to the National Student Clearinghouse and click on “Order-Track-Verify.” Email the Registrar with questions or related requests.

Alumni ID Card Discounts and Offers

  • 20% off all Public Education courses at SFAI
  • 10% off at Artist and Craftsman stores in San Francisco
  • 10% off at the Flax Store in San Francisco
  • HotelStorm offers discounts on rooms all around the world [1]
  • 15% off a Di Rosa Foundation for a membership purchase [2]
  • 25% off SFAI merchandise
  • 10% at Adobe Bookshop in San Francisco  (used books only)
  • 10% at Park Life Store, San Francisco
  • Be part of The Group Savings Plus ® Program at Liberty Mutual [3]
  • Save up to $80 on Zip Car: join for only $15 and waived background check
  • Become a member at MoMa NYC for only $35 under presentation of the card (ask for your Artist Membership)      

[1] The passcode to access the site can be found in your Alumni ID letter [2] This offer excludes our highest level membership ‘Collectors Circle’ and memberships for anyone outside of the cardholder [3] Under presentation of ID card [3] Save $25 dollars on regular background check prices and $55 on joining Zip Car ($70 regular price)

Don’t have an SFAI Alumni Association ID card yet?

Go to our contact update form and input your mailing address and select “Yes” on the Alumni ID Card option to start receiving discounts and offers.