Student Government

SFAI’s Student Union and Legion of Graduate Students (LOGS) serve as the official voice of students to faculty and administration.

These two governing bodies—Student Union, representing the undergraduate students, and Legion of Graduate Students (LOGS), representing the graduate and post-baccalaureate students—promote the social and academic interests of students through advocacy, programming, and services.

You are welcome to participate in any student government meeting or activity, or to request funding from the Student Union or LOGS to implement a student event on campus.

Download the Proposal Form for instructions on how to submit.

Student Union/LOGS will review proposals based on the following criteria:

  • Proposals must benefit the SFAI Community.
  • Priority is given to proposals that enrich the student experience at SFAI.
  • Proposals will only be allowed for events that have not yet occurred.
  • Proposals must be complete and submitted in a timely manner.
  • If a proposal is sponsored by Student Union/LOGS, the resulting event or program must be open to all SFAI students and widely advertised around the Chestnut Street campus and Graduate Center (as appropriate).
  • Students and student groups receiving funding must acknowledge "Sponsored by Student Union" or "Sponsored by LOGS" in all on-campus publications and announcements regarding the event/program.
  • Allotted Student Union/LOGS proposal money may be revoked if the proposal is severely altered or modified after its approval.
  • Student Union automatically tables any proposal over the amount $200 for one week.

Student Union

Mission Statement

Student Union represents all matriculated, undergraduate, degree-seeking students presently enrolled at the San Francisco Art Institute. Its principal function is to enrich the student experience at SFAI by generating, communicating, and representing the collective views of the student body. Student Union participates in the administrative aspects of SFAI through the formulation of recommendations to the Board of Trustees, administration, and faculty, and through its representation on campus committees.

Download the Student Union by-laws.

Meetings: McMillan Conference Room
Schedule: Wednesdays, 12–1 pm

Legion of Graduate Students (LOGS)

Mission Statement

The Legion of Graduate Students (LOGS) represents degree-seeking graduate and Post-Baccalaureate students presently enrolled at the San Francisco Art Institute. LOGS acts as a communicative bridge between the graduate student population and Academic Affairs, Graduate Administration, Student Affairs, and the undergraduate Student Union. It is the collective voice for graduate students, and in conjunction with the Student Affairs Office, hosts activities to build community amongst the student body.

Download the LOGS by-laws.

Meetings: Outside the Café, Chestnut Street Campus
Schedule: Fridays at 3:45pm before the Graduate Lecture Series
Advisor: Galen Crawford