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Spring 2018 Course Schedule

Mastering The Fine Art Digital Print
January 31–April 25 (no session March 14 due to Spring Break)
Wednesdays Chris Grunder Demystify the process of fine-art printing as you explore advanced software tools including Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop, and Xirite 1 to create the “perfect print.” $530 Photography Closed
Meadow Mind: Cultivating the Urban Garden
February 17–March 24
Saturdays Genine Lentine Dig in the fresh spring soil and cultivate your garden skills in SFAI's historic meadow as you explore plant care, soil-building, seed starting, composting, pruning, and water conservation in this course focused on observation, generativity, empathy, and resilience. $295 New Genres Closed
Experiments in Moving Digital Images
February 6–March 27
Tuesdays Victoria Scott Experiment with shooting, collaging, and animating stills and video to create basic stop motion, GIFs and short image loops for screen and site-specific projection. $295 Art & Technology Closed
Introduction to Oil Painting
January 30–April 24 (no session March 13 due to Spring Break)
Tuesdays Robert Xavier Burden Oil painting fundamentals, such as drawing, brushwork, color theory, and the technical manipulation of paint will further your skills along with demonstrations, and exercises designed to encourage new ideas in a positive atmosphere as you complete three paintings during the course. $530 Painting Closed
Meditation + Movement in Drawing
January 31–March 21
Wednesdays Sarah Ammons Drawing and yoga go hand-in-hand as you complete a series of exercises where time falls away and the mind is free to wander—leading to profound realizations and self-discovery. $480 Drawing Closed
Radical Methodologies for Performance Art
February 28–April 4
Wednesdays Melissa Koziebrocki Participate in a series of performance workshops and jams as you explore the boundless possibilities of creating performative artwork on SFAI’s historic campus. $295 New Genres Register
Painting the Live Figure
January 27–March 3
Saturdays Tana Quincy Use models as the inspiration for dynamic paintings that convey representation or abstraction. $295 Painting Closed
The Material Print
January 27–March 3
Saturdays Rebecca Foster Experiment with the flexibility of traditional printmaking processes to create 3D forms, work with non-traditional surfaces, or create printed matter for site-specific installations. $295 Printmaking Closed
Drawing From Observation
January 30–April 3
Tuesdays Annie Albagli Focus on observational drawing, playful exploration with media, and mark-making. Short (2 minutes) to long (9 hour) exercises will provide foundational understanding of both traditional and contemporary drawing approaches. $480 Drawing Closed
Exploring Digital Photography
January 31–March 21
Wednesdays Dana Morrison Get the most out of your digital camera in this introductory course focused on camera operations, basic editing skills in Adobe Photoshop, as well as cultivating your personal photographic voice. $385 Photography Closed
Intermediate Oil Painting Techniques
January 31–April 25 (no session March 14 due to Spring Break)
Wednesdays Ingrid V. Wells Practice glazing, lighting, and edging techniques to transform your paintings from intermediate to advanced level work as you demystify the process to create new work nothing short of magical. $530 Painting Closed
Narrative Painting
February 1–April 26 (no session March 15 due to Spring Break)
Thursdays Felicita Norris Examine intimate visual narratives as you make paintings centered on how human experience is remembered and transformed in this intermediate/advanced course for water-based painters. $530 Painting Closed
Advanced Photography Projects
February 3–April 28 (no class March 10)
Saturdays Judith Walgren Develop individual photographic projects based on personal interests and conceptual concerns. Define your own aesthetic in an atmosphere of cooperative learning, divided between group discussion and critique and one on one conversations with the instructor. $530 Photography Closed
Intermediate Figure Drawing
February 3–March 24 (offsite field trip March 10)
Saturdays Ignacio Rojas Investigate conceptual aspects of figure drawing as you strengthen your technical skills, and gain insight into your personal artistic voice. $385 Drawing Closed
Design Basics
February 7–March 28
Wednesdays Elisabeth Ajtay Use and integrate Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as tools to help materialize your ideas. $385 Art & Technology Closed
Collaborative Drawing
February 8–March 22 (no session February 22)
Thursdays Beth Krebs Participate in fun pair and whole group drawing exercises designed to loosen your practice and open new directions to explore. $295 Drawing Closed
Photography Intensive: Idea-Generation + Image-Making
February 20–March 13
Tuesdays Daniel Melo Shake up your current approach to making photographs with short exercises and inspiring assignments designed to get you making and thinking about photography differently. $195 Photography Register
Frame It Yourself
February 20–March 27
Tuesdays Tom Betthauser Learn introductory and intermediate techniques for framing two-dimensional works from basic rabbet and staining work to fabric wrapping mats, marbling, incorporating sculptural moulding, non-traditional material use and experimental design. $295 New Genres, Sculpture Register
Films Against Fascism, Movies of Mutiny
February 20–April 10
Tuesdays Malic Amalya Create a script, shoot, edit, and present a short experimental video that draws inspiration from revolutionary acts while working in the language of experimental cinema. $385 Film Register
Large-Scale Gesture Drawing with Ink
February 20–March 20
7:30–10:30 pm
Tuesdays Alice Gould Work gesturally and throw your weight around as we explore the use of ink on large-scale rag paper. $245 Drawing, Painting Register
Found Object Sculpture: Cabinets, Boxes + Tableaux
February 21–April 11
Wednesdays Joanne Easton Create sculptures and make arrangements using found objects that explore objects’ interrelationships as you are inspired by the work of David Ireland, Joseph Beuys, Stephanie Syjuco, Lindsey White, and more. $385 Sculpture Register
Duplicate Objects: Mold-Making for Sculpture
February 21–April 25
Wednesdays Marshall Elliott Learn to make and cast duplicate objects out of a variety of materials including plaster, wax, ice, and non-toxic resins, and use them to make personally driven large-scale installations. $480 Ceramics, Sculpture Register
Ceramics for Painters
February 22–March 29
Thursdays Alyssa Block Investigate the relationships between object, narrative, art, and design while you create a three-item ceramic collection embellished with glaze treatments based on original drawings. $295 Ceramics Register
New Biopics: Filmmaking Beyond the Human
February 22–March 29
Thursdays Keith Wilson Embrace non-human entities as worthy subject matter for creating your own moving-image work around the concept of “the biography.” $295 Film Register
Artistic Practices Between Soundscape + Landscape
February 22–March 29
Thursdays Hugh Livingston Explore sound and music as elements for creating personal and shared space in the environment, through off-site field trips and collaborative projects. You will be introduced to soundscape creation, using easily accessible tools, for mobile devices and outdoor spaces. $295 Art & Technology, New Genres Register
Three Print Techniques in Three Days
March 10–12
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Macy Chadwick Combine and layer three letterpress print techniques to create a unique series of prints using pressure printing, relief printing, and photopolymer plates in this three-day intensive. $315 ($20 materials fee included) Printmaking Register
The Handmade Photobook
March 20–April 24
7:30–10:30 pm
Tuesdays Ward Long Make a photobook by hand that deepens the experience of engaging with your pictures, as you learn more about editing, sequencing, storytelling, and various binding techniques. $295 Photography Register
Art + Resistance
March 22–April 26
Thursdays Lauren Marie Taylor In this six-week workshop, you will design artistic responses to social challenges and practice useful tools for the development and deployment of community projects. $295 Artist-Driven Experience, New Genres Register
Color Theory + Symbolism for Photography
April 4–25
Wednesdays Victoria Mara Heilweil Hone your understanding and utilization of color in photography through this four-session class focused on discussion, lecture, and studio time. $195 Photography Register